Title - The Center Of The Earth Revisited
Recorded - 20 FEB 93
Aired - 15 MAR 93 - 28 MAR 93
Running Time - 24:56
Script for Show #32

(Opening Theme)
(Comedy Sketch - Sam Hardcider: Plumber's nightmare)
1. Andy Griffith - Opera Carmen
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Where are my sandwiches?)
2. Peter Sellers - Any Old Iron
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: Where's my soup?)
(Adrovdga commercial *)
3. Bob & Ray - Memory Expert (1-3-B)
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Hot Rod & Muggins return)
(Closing Theme)
(Wisecrack - Bill Bragg, the man who put ground wires on radio stations...)


Friends,... Every day I've been telling you about all the wonderful changes that adrovdgas can bring to your life and yet you still haven't made the short trip down to your local adrovdga store to find out for yourself just how much you're missing.

I've told you they make tempting appetizers and delicious meals, that they'll fertilize your lawn and keep strangers away from your door, and that they'll provide a hobby for dad, keep the children occupied for hours and make mom's wash whiter and brighter. And still you haven't given even a single adrovdga a chance to lighten your workload and brighten your family's spirits.

You know that adrovdgas will keep your entire family happy and healthy for pennies a day but you're too stingy to spend those pennies.

I have asked you and told you and begged you and threatened you to beg borrow or steal adrovdgas, and you don't have one yet.

Well, if you're the only one on the block without an adrovdga, the loss is yours. I don't know what else to say to you except...

(Hot Rod: Beef stwoganoff!)

Yes... NO! Now that wasn't very nice Hot Rod. I had all those people softened up to spend their money and you had to go and insult them.

I'm sorry about that friends. But do yourself a favor. Pick up a basket full of Zeke's adrovdgas the next time you go shopping. Zeke will be glad that you did.