Title - The Center Of The Earth
Recorded - 18 FEB 93
Aired - 01 MAR 93 - 14 MAR 93
Running Time - 24:52
Script for Show #31

(Opening Theme)
(Comedy Sketch - Sam Hardcider: The hole in the ground)
1. Tom Lehrer - Clementine
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: The hole in the ground)
2. Monty Python - Cherry Orchard
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: The center of the Earth)
(Adrovdga commercial *)
3. Bob & Ray - Grand Motel (1-3-B)
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Trip from London)
4. Peter Sellers - Peter Sellers Sings George Gershwin
(Closing Theme)
Wisecrack - (Bill Bragg sings Yesterday USA)


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