Title - Muggins' Letter
Recorded - 08 JAN 93
Aired - 01 FEB 93 - 14 FEB 93
Running Time - 24:56
Script for show #29

(Comedy Sketch - Denny Nichols' warning)
(Opening Theme)
(Comedy Sletch - Denny Nichols & Grammle)
1. Capitol Steps - When They're Fishing In The Star
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Muggins' Letter)
2. Peter Sellers - Auntie Rotter
Comedy Sketch - (Muggins: Muggins' Letter II)
3. Bent Bolt And The Nuts - Mechanical Man
(Adrovdga commercial *)
4. Bob & Ray - Martin Lesoeur, Raconteur (1-3-A)
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Muggins' Letter III)
(Closing Theme)


Friends,... It's time to pull up your socks and let down your hair. Tighten your belt and let it all hang out. Yes, don't be a fool. Idiots are where its at! The smartest idiots do all their shopping at the local adrovdga store and so should you.

That's because adrovdgas are brain food! Of course you can eat the other parts of them too. Try an adrovdga steak pie for lunch, adrovdga chops for dinner or how about a runny, adrovdga nose pudding for desert. And don't forget the stems, leaves and tails make wonderful salads with lots of Siamese dressing. By the way, if you stock up on adrovdgas this week, Zeke will give you a special offer on Siamese dressing... two for the price of one! Look for the specially marked twin packs.

Stop what you're doing and go to your friendly adrovdga store right now. You'll find lots of hot bargains and cool prices. While you're there, have a seat at the snack bar and Zeke will serve you a steaming adrovdga sandwich with a frosty mug of kliebensplaad for only ninety-nine dollars and that makes sense.

Always remember that the best adrovdgas are at Zeke's and, if it's the best, it's got to be good, and if it's good, it's got to be Zeke's.