Title - President Muggins
Recorded - 27 OCT 92
Aired - 23 NOV 92 - 06 DEC 92
Running Time - 24:55
Script for Show #26

(Opening Theme)
(Comedy Sketch - Sam Hardcider: The government man)
1. Dave Gardner - The Promoter
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Hiding from the man)
2. Benny Hill - Unlucky Luke
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: Why is Muggins in trouble?)
3. Napoleon XIV - Dr. Psyche The Cut-Rate Head Shrinker
(Adrovdga commercial *)
4. Bob & Ray - Ralph Bellamy Look-Alike (1-3-A)
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Brings back the government man)
5. Jimmy Bowen Orch. - Captain Gorgeous
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Out of a job)
(Closing Theme)
(Wisecrack - Bill Bragg, the President...)


Friends...If you're trying to decide what to serve for your big meal, the vote is in...and the winner is...Zeke's cranshawed adrovdgas.

Yes, pass up the sirloin and ignore the Filet-buster. Your family will be unanimous in their praise for a big, crunchy roast adrovdga. That's because an adrovdga is delicious. It's also healthy. Adrovdgas are chock full of vitamins, minerals and just a hint of lemon to make your dirty dishes smell wonderful.

Mandate a munchy, mouth-watering adrovdga for your next party. Your guests will be so delighted they'll roast the adrovdga instead of you. Pass around a big platter of bits of adrovdga on sticks. Any sticks will do...tent stakes, chair legs, clothes poles. And you can use the eyes for dice and the hollowed out shell for a spitoon.

So don't delegate your dinner to a second class candidate. Be first in the polls and first in the hearts of your constituents. A big, brightly colored, boiled adrovdga, served with chilled campaign, will unseat the incumbent abd knock him back on his candidacy.

Build your reputation on a solid platform, answer all challenges with a pleasing, popular Zeke's cranshawed adrovdga. If it's good, it's got to be Zeke's.