Title - Rabbit Trax visits Bill At The Hospital
Recorded - 13 SEP 92
Aired - 12 OCT 92 - 25 OCT 92
Running Time - 25:10
Script for Show #24

(Special introduction)
(Comedy Sketch - Sam Hardcider: Bill arrives at hospital)
(Opening Theme)
(Comedy Sketch - Bill in waiting room)
1. Dave Gardner - The Governor's Chaffeur
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Hospital Director)
2. Benny Hill - Bianca
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: Chief Surgeon)
3. Val Kilmer - Are You Lonesome Tonight (Parody)
(Adrovdga commercial *)
4. Bob & Ray - Anxiety (Warren Hughie, etc.) (1-2-B)
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Bill's doctor)
5. Jimmy Bowen Orch. - Wonder Mother
(Closing Theme)
(Wisecrack - Bill Bragg, the man who owes everything to his doctors...)


Friends,... Your doctor will tell you that today, more than ever, an adrovdga a day keeps the doctor away. That's why doctors everywhere have started a worldwide campaign against Zeke's cranshawed adrovdgas.

Adrovdgas contain so many vitamins, so many minerals, so much protein, carbohydrates and coal tar that they are the healthiest food you could eat. Did you know that adrovdgas are composed almost entirely of trace elements? It's a fact. If you eat an adrovdga every day, you can throw away those vitamin pills for a start. Every adrovdga contains your minimum daily rerquirement of vitamins in just the ears alone. You can also throw away those steaks, salads, seafood and milk. Your adrovdga a day will provide with all the protein and those other healthy things that you need to keep yourself in great shape.

In fact if you have an adrovdga a day, you won't need to eat or drink anything else at all.

We have here a man who has lived on nothing but adrovdgas for the past thirty years and he looks great! How do you feel sir.

(EFFECT - groan)

Thanks Bill, and remember folks the healthiest adrovdgas of all are Zeke's new cranshawed adrovdgas. If it's good, it's got to be Zeke's.