Title - The "Denny Nichols Sound-alike Contest"
Recorded - 05 SEP 92
Aired - 28 SEP 92 - 11 OCT 92 Running Time - 24:26
Script for Show #23

(Denny Nichols sound-alike intro)
(Opening Theme)
1. Allan Sherman - Shticks Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Denny Nichols imitation)
2. Monty Python - Australian Table Wines
(Comedy Skeych - Hot Rod: Denny Nichols imitation)
3. Dr. West's Medicine Show And Junk band - The Eggplant That Ate Chicago
(Adrovdga commercial *)
(Comedy Sketch - Monologue on Denny Nichols impersonation)
4. Bob & Ray - Embezzler (1-2-B)
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Denny Nichols imitation)
5. Jimmy Bowen Orch. - Superman March
(Comedy Sketch - Acknowledge Denny Nichols, Hot Rod & Muggins fight)
(Closing Theme)
(The winner... Bill Bragg)


Friends... It's time to start planning those big holiday meals and the best holiday meals revolve around a juicy, delicious Zeke's adrovdga. But if your dining room doesn't revolve, don't worry. You can still delight your family and guests with a tempting meal at low cost.

Visit your butcher's produce counter today, bring home a tasty, mouth-watering adrovdga and put it on your dining room table. Next, drive a nail into the dining room ceiling and another into the table top. Suspend the table a few inches off the floor with a length of rope and give it a spin. Not too hard, or the silverware will fly off. Just a gentle push will do. Now set the table on fire and in a few hours you will have a crisp, evenly roasted adrovdga for your surprised guests.

Later you can while the evening away sitting around the glowing embers of the dining room table chatting with the firemen and sipping mugs of eggplant juice. The perfect end of a perfect meal.

And it all begins with a Zeke's adrovdga. Remember, Zeke's adrovdgas are now cranshawed for your dining pleasure. If it's good, it's got to be Zeke's.