Title - Watermelons
Recorded - 01 AUG 92
Aired - 31 AUG 82 - 13 SEP 92 Running Time - 25:35
Script for Show #21

(Opening Theme)
1. Spike Jones - Ill Barkio
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Alaska)
2. Monty Python - The Argument Clinic
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: Watermelon tree)
3. Alfred E. Neuman - What Me Worry
(Denny Nichols station break)
(Adrovdga commercial *)
4. Bob & Ray - Speaking Out (1-2-A)
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Streetcar load of watermelon)
5. Jimmy Bowen Orch. - When The Bloom Is On The Sage (Tom Mix)
(Comedy Sketch - Denny Nichols as staff announcer)


Friend, you say suppertime was twelve hours ago and you have no money for food? You say your stomach is rumbling so loud that a government man came to the door and complained that you're setting off earthquake detectors? You say you set the dining room table and even lit candles, and your family ate the candles...and then they ate the table? You say your ice box is so empty that a rock and roll band is using it for an echo chamber and you haven't seen the dog or cat since lunch- time yesterday?

Well march yourself to the Piggly-Wiggly, or the Cowsy-Wowsy, or the Sheepy-Dippy and go to the counter and pick out a big, tasty, juicy, delicious adrovdga. Carry that adrovdga down the aisle and take it to the man and tell him that you'll pay for it tomorrow. Then when you get out of jail you can bake that mouth-watering adrovdga for your coming home dinner.

Your family will love the crunchy goodness of baked adrovdga and you will too because it's ever so much better than prison food. But remember, when you go out to steal an adrovdga, make it a delicious, nutritious Zeke's cranshawed adrovdga. The one with the big 'Z' stamped in the top and the little foil theft alarm riveted to the bottom. If it's Zeke's, it's got to be good... for at least five years.