Title - Trains
Recorded - 22 NOV 91
Aired - 01 APR 92 - 28 APR 92
Running Time - 25:10

(Opening Theme)
1. Wes Harrison - Excerpt (Train Ride)
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Railroad Job)
2. The Two Ronnies - Little Trains Of Wales Medley
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: Roller coaster, Play me a wecord)
3. BBC Comedy - Two Cheers For October (Excerpt)
(Adrovdga commercial *)
4. Stan Freberg - Rock Island Line
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Roller coaster on track, Record from junkyard)
5. Lord Buckley - The Train
(Closing Theme)
(Wisecrack - "Bill, model train enthusiast with muddy boots.)


If your big plans for Sunday dinner have been derailed, don't let it drive you loco - motiv youself out the front door and proceed full steam ahead to Zeke's for a coupler 'drovdgas.

If your caboose is dragging, don't get railroaded into loading your car with uneccesary baggage. In other words, don't be a cow-catcher, sidetrack those steaks and let Zeke coach you in the finer points of choosing tender adrovdgas for your big meal.

And don't let cooking tie you down to the kitchen. Switch your meal preparation onto the fast track. Zeke will train you to turn out a roundhouse meal in highball time. And Zeke's training will not run you down. A little culinary engineering will stop your stove from smoking and keep the fireman from your door as you turnout delicious adrovdgas.

Catch a new train of thought, hopper in your car and head-light on down to Zeke's. Let him dispatch one of his trucks and drivers to conductor box-carton of adrovdgas right to your door. And tell him you heard it at this station.

Don't blow your stack, stay on track with Zeke's quality adrovdgas.