Rabbit Trax Comedy Radio Show #10


Recorded - 18 OCT 91
Aired - 04 FEB 92 - 17 FEB 92
Running Time - 25:01

(Opening Theme)
1. Groucho Marx & Baby Snooks - You Bet Your Life
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Overstuffed refrigerator)
2. Ian Wallace - I'm A Gnu
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: "Yell into envelope", Record for Leonard)
(Dedication for Leonard)
3. Pat Boone - Speedy Gonzalez
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins & Hot Rod: Belt)
4. Bob & Ray - Editorial (1:1:B)
(Adrovdga commercial *)
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Squirrel Hill junkyard)
5. Mickey Katz - Knish Doctor
(Closing Theme)
(Wisecrack - "Bill Bragg, The man who invented Texas snow shoes")


Friends, I want to talk seriously for a moment. Are you looking for a bargain? Well, you won't find it at the local bar. Do you want to beat the rush? You won't do it buying Russian beets. Do you want to stretch your dinner dollar without dulling your dinner selections?

Then listen up to what Zeke is putting down! Because Zeke has his dander up and he's putting down the competition.

Yes friends, there's no adrovdga like a Zeke's adrovdga, and if you don't like Zeke's adrovdgas then you might as well give up the ghost, because you won't have a ghost of a chance when you dance to the tune of Zeke's unscrupulaous competitors.

Tune in tomorrow for your last chance to beat the feet that are rushin' to the store before they bar the door to make you put up with mediocrity when you lay your money down.

Don't be left looking a right idiot. Buy a Zeke's adrovdga and by and by you'll be saying, "If it's good, it's got to be Zeke's."