Recorded - 11 OCT 91
Aired - 07 JAN 92 - 21 JAN 92
Running Time - 25:15

(Opening Theme)
1. Wes Harrison - Intro & Outhouse Story
2. Hinge & Bracket - Rosini's Cats Duet
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: Coloring book from Leonard)
3. Firesign Theater - Deputy Dan Coloring Book
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Yesterday U.S.A. cookbook)
4. Bob & Ray - The Big Scoop (1-1-A)
(Comedy Sketch - Bouncer & Ginger's joke)
5. Barbara Mazziotti - Big Old Lady
(Adrovdga commercial *)
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: 'Leonard in streetcar' sketch, Dedication to Leonard)
6. Napoleon XIV - They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Leonard in streetcar Part 2)
(Closing Theme)


Friends, it's sale time again. The adrovdgas are rotting in the fields and the farmers are desperate to get rid of them. Buy now and stock up while prices are low.

Zeke has a special offer for you. If you push your own wheel barrow to your nearest adrovdga farm, you can load up all the healthy, delicious adrovdgas you can carry for one low price, twenty-three dollars and eighty-seven cents. And in a badly needed public relations effort, Zeke has generously promised to donate a part of that purchase price to Yesterday USA.

Here's how it works. After you load up your wheelbarrow with those tasty, nutritious adrovdgas, you give Zeke eighty-seven cents. Then when you get home you mail twenty-three dollars to Bill bragg, Richardson, Texas, 75081. That's all there is to it.

So help out your favorite radio station and treat your family at the same time. Buy Zeke's adrovdgas.