Recorded - 01 OCT 91
Aired - 26 DEC 91 - 06 JAN 92
Running Time 24:35

(Opening Theme)
1. Bill Cosby - Lone Ranger
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Computer expert)
2. Monty Python - Finland
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: Tin cup sketch)
3. W. C. Fields - Children
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: Computer expert Part 2),BR> 4. Bob & Ray - Wally Ballou: Man On The Street (1-1-A)
(Adrovdga commercial *)
5. Simon Crum - Cuzz You're So Sweet
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Rutabaga, Tin cup, Record from junkyard)
6. Jonathan & Darlene Edwards - Alabamy Bound
(Comedy Sketch - Muggins: "That's all there is?")
(Closing Theme)
(Wisecrack - "Switch you back at no charge")


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