Recorded - 14 SEP 91
Aired - 26 NOV 91 - 08 DEC 91
Running Time - 25:07

(Opening Theme)
(Dedication for Cooper)
1. Andy Griffith - What It Was, Football
2. Benny Hill - Ting-A-Ling-A-Loo
(Comedy Sketch - Cup of tea gag, Hot Rod: Asks for Kiddies Pill-soaper)
3. Eddie Lawrence - The Kiddie Philosopher
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod & Muggins: Leonard's Braille driver's license)
4. Bob & Ray - Hard Luck Stories (Dutch elm disease) (1-1-B)
(Adrovdga commercial *)
5. Homer and Jethro - Heartbrake Motel
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: Running down the streetcar tracks, Cooper: Fixed brakes and muffler, Record from junkyard, Studio audience crowds onto streetcar)
6. Barnes & Barnes - Boogie Woogie Amputee
(Closing Theme)


I have to hand it to you, you know a bargain when you see it. You know that an adrovdga in the hand is worth two in the bush. And a Zeke's adrovdga is quite a handful.

It's tine to mozy on down to your handy adrovdga store and get you hands on a nice juicy adrovdga fresh from the adrovdga plant. It's hard to put your finger on the reason, but a fresh adrovdga for lunch or dinner will make your family throw up... their hands with joy.

If you want to keep your hand in, hand them a healthy helping of adrovdga stew served up the way the old cowhands used to make it out on the range. And it doesn't take any sleight of hand, just a fresh juicy adrovdga and a handful of herbs and spices.

So don't sit on your hands, Hand over all the cash you can lay your hands on and take home a handsome Zeke's adrovdga. Let's have a big hand for the adrovdgas with the big "Z" stamped in the top, Zeke's quality adrovdgas.