Recorded - 12 JUL 91
Aired - ?? ??? ?? - 13 OCT 91
Running Time - 25:01

(Opening Theme)
1. Stan Freberg - The Great Pretender
2. Benny Hill - Broken Hearted Lover's Stew
(Comedy Sketch - "We don't get a celery....)
(Adrovdga commercial *)
(Comedy Sketch - Hot Rod: Asks for Charlie Brown. Tom says, "What a kee-en-ci-donce")
3. Kaye Ballard & Arthur Siegel - Charlie Brown (Excerpt)
(Dedication for Debby)
4. Cahal Dunne - Happy Man
(Comedy Sketch - Cooper: Tricked into reaching for steering wheel. Doesn't go to Dallas, "That's re-doc-u-lis." Record from German Junkyard)
5. Credibility Gap - Foriegn Novelty Smash
6. Cahal Dunne - Happy Man (Reprise)
(Closing Theme)
(Wisecrack - "If You Liked That....Refrigerator")


Tom____: Ten thousand more people use Adrovdgas than anthing else.
Hot Rod: That's hard to belive.
Tom____: No it isn't, but it's easier than taking a bus every day.
Hot Rod: Are Adrovdgas a vegatable or are the accident prone?
Tom____: I don't know, but they're assembled with union made rivets.
Hot Rod: And they go great with bacon and echo.
Tom____: Did you know that the first spaceship to Venus carried a gold plated Adrovdga?
Hot Rod: Or that Adrovdgas react violently with sulphuic acid to form floor wax.
Tom____: Of course an Adrovdga a day keeps Bigbird away.
Hot Rod: And it's absolutely amazing that while the cost of living is going up every day, Adrovdgas still grow on trees.
Tom____: That's right. An Adrovdga is the biggest bargain in your family budget.
Hot Rod: Provided that you buy them in paper bags.
Tom____: Don't be absurd. Everyone knows that.
Hot Rod: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Tom____: Well, whatever you do, tell them that........Bill Bragg sent you. But don't mention me. If it's good, it's got to be Zeke's
Aired ? - 13 OCT 91