Working Script for Rabbit Trax Comedy Radio SHow #26

Run Sam for president...

Tom____: Aren't you a little old to run for President Sam?

Sam____: How old do you think I am, Bo?

Tom____: You don't look a day over ninety.

Sam____: You know very well I'm seventy-seven, you young wiseacre!

Tom____: We need a young, modern running mate to boost your image. I wonder who.....

Hot Rod: Hi Mr. Tom.

Tom____: Muggins, we were thinking of running you for vice.

Muggins: I don't need any more vices. People say I have too many now.

Tom____: That's not what I meant... Wait a minute, that could be just the gimmick we need to get attention! What kind of vices do you have?

Muggins: I went to carpenter school and I have a whole workbench full of vices.

Tom____: I think we'll need a better gimmick than that.

Muggins; I think I should run for President.

Tom____: You... Run for President... With those knees?

Muggins: I think I'm perfectly qualified to run as an independent candidate.

Tom____: In what way are you qualified as an indpendent candidate?

Muggins: I have big ears!

Tom____: You have a point there.

Muggins: I know, but my ears are on either side of it.

Tom____: How do big ears qualifiy you as an independent.

Muggins: While the other candidates are spouting hot air, I can flap my ears to cool things off.

EFFECTS: (Wobble board)

Tom____: And now, here he is... the Nostalgia party's candidate for President of the United States.... Bill bragg!