Location Recording

Location recording gear - Middle 1960's
B&O ribbon microphones with homebrew low noise preamp
Ampex 354, 7.5-15 I.P.S.
(This setup made a lot of fine recordings that still sound great today!)

August 1965 Steel City Jug Band - Jug Band Music
(I would like to get in touch with any of the people involved with the "First Annual Ingomar Folk Festival".)

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Listen to the "Businessmen in Jazz" Benefit Concert for Camp Achievement (1973)
(I would like to get in touch with any of the people involved with this concert.)

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Video recording setup - Early 1970's
Note Shure M-67 microphone mixer in foreground under AKG earphones

Studio at One Oliver Plaza, Pgh with Carl Ide Associates - 1971-72
(Under construction)

Listen to Geoff Ide's Music (1963 & 1971)

Hear Carl Ide read break-up copy

Ampex 354 recorder, Teac 2 mixer, B&O ribbon and Sony condenser microphones

New Year's Eve at the Apollo Elks 1973

Listen to the Eddie Mack Orchestra
(I would like to get in touch with any of the people involved with the old Eddie Mack Orchestra.)

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Ampex 600 recorder, Sure M-67 mixer and Electro-Voice 635A microphones

February 17, 1979 Jim Davis - She Taught Me To Yodel

Tom set up to record Serb Wings Choir at St. George, Carmichaels - March 30, 2003
Old Teac Model 2 mixing 4 microphones to computer on floor, including the old B&O ribbons for the choir

March 30, 2003 Serb Wings - To Thee The Champion Leader.
(Recorded with a pair of AKG-D1000 Dynamic microphones)

Tom videotaping Lenten Vespers at St. Elijah, Aliquippa - April 24, 2005
Panasonic/Ramsa WR-133 in background mixing 2 fixed and 4 wireless microphones to stereo camcorder

Marantz PMD670 CD quality digital recorder and Samson CO3 multi-pattern condenser microphones - May 2005

April 34, 2005 Holy Trinity Cathedral Choir - Ninje Otpuscajesci

Setup to record the Dynasonics at All Saints Social Hall - Sept. 9, 2007
Alesis 16 Channel FireWire mixer, iDeq cube computer, Koss Pro4-AA Headphones.

The Dynasonics - Chocolate Soda Polka.

Tom recording the Dynasonics.

Setup to record the Albert Gallatin South Middle School Band - Dec. 6, 2007
Tascam 8x4 mixer, Behringer ADA8000, iDeq cube computer, Koss Pro4-AA Headphones.

Nady DM-80 kick drum mic, Nady DM-70 snare mic, MXL 991 overhead.

AG South Middle School Band - Christmas "a la" Big Band