N3CRK - I am now coordinated for 224.5 / 222.9

The old 220 repeater is now on the new frequencies alrhough the performance is very poor.
I plan to order the Bridgecom BCR-220 repeater soon.

I am still learning about repeaters and this is rather makeshift! But it is a start. The applications for coordination were mailed on May 8, 2017.
If I can get coordinated, my hope is to buy a Bridgecom BCR-220 repeater with duplexer and put it on the Tram 1494 antenna (See below.)
At that point I will install 50' of new 1/2" hardline (which has been in my basement for 20 years) up to the antenna.

The radios currently are "System M-230" available on eBay. They are Chinese made radios. I can't really recommend them. They aren't that great.
There is only one seller. Out of four radios I bought, one was bad. To give him credit, he offered to replace it but it would have cost me $67 to ship it back.
It wasn't worth it! They are rated at 5/10/50 Watts. I measured two radios, they were 10/30/37 watts. There is one knob for a multitude of functions.
the radio is neither intuitive nor user friendly. I had to make up a cheat-sheet just for basic funcions...like volume, squelch and output power.

The current 224.5/222.9 repeater.
(The photo still shows the old frequencies.)
Above is the 224.5 transmitter, power Supply and Fan.
The transmitter is runniing at 10 watts. If I go one step higher (30 watts) I have RF problems.
I have observed that the transmitter is microphonic and is modulated by the noise of the fan.
Also visible to the right are the fan relay box and the audio transformer and PTT relay box.
Both boxes now control both the 224.5 and the 444.3 transmitters.

Below is the 222.9 MHz Receiver with an old Heatkit power supply.
The box on the bottom contains the ID-O-Matic, transformer and relays.

Inside the control box after adding an OR gate to let both receivers control the transmitter.
Below the perfboard is the ID-O-Matic controller.
Too the right are the audio transformer and the PTT and fan control reed relays.
(They are overkill now that the transmitters and receivers are co-located.)

The Tram 1494 at almost 60 feet above ground. (above the 220 and 440 beams)
This is the current 224.3 transmit antenna.

The homebrew modified coaxial at 15 feet above ground.
This is the current 222.7 receive antenna.

The 444.3/449.3 repeater is currently off the air.
There is something wrong with the antenna

So far I have been unable to fix it or build a new one.
I can't afford to buy a new one right now with buying a 220 repeater.

The transmitter and receiver are both Icom F221S radios. They share the Astron 15 Amp power supply.
The duplexer is only rated at 25 watts, so I am running the transmitter at the 20 watt power level.
They share the ID-O-Matic controller with the 224.3 repeater, so both repeaters are efffectively tied together.
To the right is the Hy-Gain V-4S, 440 antenna above the 2-meter beam at about 35 feet on the 40 foot tower.

*NOTE: The V4-S is off the tower for repair or replacement.