System M-230 Programming Cheat Sheet

Power On
Short press main dial.

Power Off
Long press main dial.

Short press main dial. Set volume while "VOL" appears on display.

Press "SQL" key. Set squelch while "SQL" appears on display.

Call Channel
Press "CALL" key to toggle.

Hold "FUNC" key while pressing "MHz".

Press V/M key to toggle. Use maindial to cycle through selected mode.

1 MHz Step
Press "MHz" key to toggle.

Set Offset
Press "FUNC" key. Press MHz key. While "F" appears on display, press "MHz" key to see direction (+ or -) and offset.
Press "MHz" key to cycle through +, - and simplex (no icon). Main dial will set offset frequency.
Press any key except "FUNC" or "MHz" to exit Offset mode.

Memory Store
Set frequency in VFO mode. Set offset if desired. Press "FUNC" key. "F" and "M" will appear on screen.
Set memory channel or call channel (C) with main dial.
While "F" appears on display, press "V/M" key to store.

Xmit Power
Press "FUNC" key. Press "CALL" key While "F" appears on display.
Continue to press "FUNC" "CALL" to Cycle through Low (LO), Medium (Mi), High (No icon).
(Note: Medium and High are about the same!)