N3CRK Repeater Coordination

On August 14, 2017 I received coordination for my second choice of 224.5/222.9

On May 8, 2017 I sent in the forms to coordinate my Repeaters.
My friend Sam, W3CYO who has two repeaters in Washington PA, helped to make sure I had the forms filled out correctly.
I had one mistake and I am grateful to Sam for finding it and helping me correct it.
He also encouraged me to send forms for both repeaters together, which I did.
I have a feeling I won't get 244.3 and 444.3 because there are repeaters in Apollo PA on those frequencies. But I have my fingers crossed.

Below are the forms except I have deleted some personal information.

Here is the form for my 220 repeater

Here is the form for my 440 repeater

WPRC meeting - July 3, 2017

I checked on your request for coordination,
Frank said it out for comment.
(From the surrounding areas)
Let's hope for success.

As of July 1st all my 440 frequencies were turned down.
I am using repeaterbook.com and it does not areee with WPRC's database.
The most egregious example is on 443.62 WPRC shows a repeater 24 miles away in Perryopolis.
repeaterbook.com shows nothing on that frequency within 150 miles.
I am at a loss how to choose new frequencies sensibly to re-apply.

By the way, the W3CYO repeaters in Washington PA are:
145.49 - and 443.3 +
Sam is also working to get a 224.4 repeater on the air.

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