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Coca Cola
Bottled in Mexico
Pure Sugar (NO high fructose corn syrup)
350 ml (12 fl. oz.) $1.99

Guaraná Antarctica Soda
Brazilian Top Seller. Try Brazil's Best!
350 ml $2.75

Catunambú Roast Coffee
Dark roast and full-bodied flavor
Favorite coffee of Andalucía, Spain
Enjoy this imported coffee
Net weight 500 g. $13.69

Hand Decorated Plates
Made in El Puente del Arzobispo, Spain
Each plate is beautifully hand painted and signed by the artist
Each has a slightly different design
Make your table festive with this high quality artwork!
11 inch Dinner Plate $28.46
9.5 inch Salad Plate $22.46

Festive Placemats
Hand woven by Mayan Hands in Guatamala
Each placemat is signed by the weaver
100% cotton
Produced by a Fair Trade Organization
14" by 19" $4.25

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